About the Institute on Dignified Aging

The motivation for establishing the Institute on Dignified Aging was to focus sustained attention on the numerous issues surrounding old age, aging, and geriatric community and palliative care in the Czech Republic. The Institute seeks to develop models of community-based care and to coordinate their implementation, including financial development, to educate interested persons and to provide articles and publications for both public and professional audiences.

The aim of the Institute is to identify issues surrounding community-based geriatric care and respond in particular to:

  1. Society’s problematic attitude to old age and death and lack of appreciation for the elderly
  2. Lack of interconnections among individual actors, areas and systems, gaps in the continuum of care
  3. Insufficient information for the general, professional and political publics
  4. Need to development new, especially community-based, concepts of care
  5. Long-term sustainability of new community care efforts