The Institute’s activities

The Institute carries out various activities to fulfill its mission. The Institute

  •  performs research and offers professional activities including the preparation of studies, specialized expertise, questionnaires and other inquiries and the collection of good practice examples,
  • develops and proposes new models of help and care with the aim of increasing the availability and quality of health, social and other services, including their effective financing,
  • fosters and promotes necessary legislative changes,
  • offers educational opportunities (seminars, workshops, round tables, courses, training and other activities) for public administrators and self-government workers, health and social services professionals, the general public, patients and their family members, caregivers and other groups of people,
  • provides consultation and advice with an emphasis on the development of community and mobile services and on supporting life in the actual home environment,
  • communicates with public administration authorities, self-government authorities, politicians, representatives of health insurance companies and public institutions for the purpose of providing professional and ongoing support,
  • promotes cooperation among different specializations and professions (gerontology, geriatrics, palliative care, health policy, social policy, social work, sociology, psychology, economics, philosophy, ethics, theology), etc.,
  • disseminates information to increase knowledge of aging, old age, and death, and promotes positive attitudes of the general public, politicians, the media and other institutions and professions on this issue including the use of media and informational campaigns and tools of electronic communication,
  • publishes the results of its activities and issues professional and informational publications and articles in printed and electronic media including the Institute‘s information portal,
  • organizes conferences, meetings and other professional and public events, on issues of dignified aging,
  • cooperates with institutions and experts in the Czech Republic and abroad.